Eight days ago, a woman broke into our old house. She came in through the unlocked (dumb) living room window. The screens on said window don’t lock, they can slide right up from either side. She came in and stole two items—my Fender Blacktop Strat, and my Martin D15M.

We filed a police report, and were told to be positively realistic. Less than a week later, the police called, stating they’d located my guitars at a pawn shop in Clarksville, IN. I was elated. I thought I’d never see them again, and here was news that they were found.

Now, the long, cold process of the law is forcing me to wait to get them back. State lines, jurisdictions, blah blah blah. I can’t wait to get the call telling me to go to Clarksville. I didn’t know how much I missed playing until these instruments were taken from me. I didn’t know how much I took our safety for granted until we were robbed.

Very thankful and fortunate. I don’t like the word ‘blessed’, but I guess some people would use it. World keeps on spinnin’.

Glad they were found, that was very lucky.

But there’s a lesson here, make sure you write your serial numbers down somewhere and  take photos of your gear.

I did that a few years ago but a lot of my gear has changed since then so I’m going to do it again this evening.

tombilliejoe asked:

Hey! I didn't know how to reply on the post, granted it's not his guitar, it's just the same model but they are such a rarity these days. Only 500 made over 10 years. They go for massive Monday and surpass today's fender custom jobs! And that solo? I've heard it man, it's so incredible, he has so much swagger when playing it's unreal, he's an entity haha

I was looking at the pattern in the pickguard to see if it was the same one, and they actually look kinda close. Maybe it’s a printed pattern and they all look the same?

You know I’d watched that video loads of times and hadn’t spotted that it wasn’t an actual Fender. I’ll have to look into HS Anderson now. Thanks for the reply :)



Got given this guitar for free. Found out it could fetch £20,000 + in auction. 1975 hS Anderson mad cat. As played by prince!

This guitar?

I’m not a guitar solo kinda guy but Prince’s playing, and just his performance, on that version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is phenomenal.

He’s flashy but not too much to detract from the song and he pulls every trick out of the book.

I’ll post the video next. Prince’s solo comes in about half way through - make sure you watch it all the way to the end, I still don’t know how he pulled off that very last trick o_O



For mmguitarbar:

This is my lady. When I got it, the original owner had screwed a name plate into the body. Removing it left those chips by the output jack. Unfortunately the original tortoise guard had warped and shrunk beyond use (assumed from improper storage,) so I had to replace it. I still have it, though, hoping that someday someone can perform a miracle on it. It also had old Schaller tuners, which gave out shortly after I got it, so I put on Kluson styles. Currently has a Curtis Novak JM-FAT in the bridge, but I’m thinking about putting the original back in.