Fender ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb vs. ‘65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue

Guitarist magazine just published this awesome demo of two really great great amps A/B’d. Both of these Deluxe’s are INCREDIBLE guitar amps, and if you were in the market for either, I really don’t think you could make a bad choice. 

Check out the comparison video and see for yourself what a difference a few years makes. 



1959 Fender Duosonic. Yup, Us Too.

Here’s the other half of the recent submission from Dan Amrich - and what a treat it is…

"I have something very special to share with you this time. A friend from college recently said his dad bought a few guitars for playing live and teaching kids guitar back in the pre-kids days, and has since retired as a working musician/teacher; he was wondering how much they were worth. I said I was not a pro at vintage values, but I would take a look and do some research on his behalf. What I found when we met him in Boston on a recent business trip — with my wife in tow and her camera in hand — was pretty freakin’ amazing;

This has been confirmed to be a 1959 Fender Duo-Sonic. 1959 was a transition year for this model — it had a maple neck and a gold metal pickguard from 1956, but the “slab” rosewood fretboard and plastic pickguard became the new design in 1959 and were officially introduced in 1960. I think this is one of the first 1959 Duo-Sonics after they decided to make the change in materials and design, or perhaps a very early 1960. One collector website notes that blue, green, yellow, and pink Duo-Sonics from ‘59 to ‘61 were said to exist but never seen — usually the guitars were either tan or sunburst at this time, and the pastel custom colors were reportedly a failed attempt to market the short-scale guitar to girls. I’m hoping to get a second look at it to get more info, but I humbly submit that this is the real deal, probably a Sonic Blue that has tinted green as the nitrocellulose clear-coat finish yellowed. The fact that he has the original tweed case, a packet of strings from the 1960s and a vintage 1/4” cable made it a joy to discover — a proper closet classic. The strings on it were from several decades ago, so it didn’t exactly play comfortably — but I did get to play it!”

This beautiful beast was shot by Katrin Auch Photography, who should really consider specialising in Guitar Portraits…